A Update on Lightseekers


Following on from the release of our latest wave Uprising, we have been busy working behind the scenes in order to make the improvements we want to make to Lightseekers. This has included new in-game features like weekly digital events, player inboxes and Battlepacks. All of these changes are making Lightseekers the game we know it can be, and a game that’s worthy of our growing fanbase.

To that end, we want to talk to you about changes that we are making to Lightseekers.

In Autumn, we are planning to release Wave 5 digitally. This release will mark a big change in Lightseekers, as not only will a new set be released, but we will also be implementing set rotation into Standard Play of Lightseekers. To accommodate this we are rebalancing some cards…well, a LOT of cards. Over 400 card changes, and counting! We have more details of these changes in a Developers Insight post which you can find here, which will go into detail as to what we want to change and why. This is a tremendous undertaking for the team, and something that we are working on. These changes have to be rigorously tested, and we are as a result going to take our time doing so!

These changes mean that the digital and the physical versions of Lightseekers will now be separate, and exist on their own. Significant changes such as these are not made lightly, but do help us rebalance the digital game to fit in with this new style of Standard Play, as well as fix longer term issues that players have had with certain cards and metas. Existing physical cards will still scan into the digital game, but with potential differences in the way those cards play.

So let’s talk about what this means for Wave 5 physical. As we have decided to decouple the physical and digital games, we now have to look at Wave 5 physical as its own separate product. As such, we have been looking pretty intently at how Uprising sold physically, at how our new online physical store has been performing as well as having discussions with the stores that stock Lightseekers. These all lead to the same conclusion; there is unfortunately much more of an appetite for the digital experience than there is for the physical product. As a result of this, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to not release Wave 5 Physically. While this will also extend to future Organized Play offerings, we will work with stores and avid players who wish to still run events to provide prize support to those who reach out to us.

As mentioned before, this is not a decision that we have made lightly at all.

We are driven by the love that we see and have ourselves for Lightseekers; and we want to foster that and build upon it. We really believe that with these changes we can nurture and grow Lightseekers into a wonderful digital experience, and we really hope that you’ll join us to help make that happen – your support has brought us this far, and we want to reward that support with the best Lightseekers we can possibly make!


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