Organized Play Kits

Organized play kits support in-store events. Each kit contains:

  • 4 exclusive Hero winner foils
  • 40 exclusive Combo participation foils
  • 1 exclusive playmat
  • In-store poster

The promo card and playmat prizes will change each month. Kits must be ordered in advance and will ship the 21st of each month. Limit: two OP kits per store per month.

Order Kits

We have a few simple rules we ask you to follow. Failure to comply with these rules will make your store ineligible to participate in the program and unable to order future OP kits.

  • OP kits may only be ordered by stores with physical brick and mortar locations.
  • OP kits are only for the purpose of helping provide prize support for Lightseekers organized play events
  • The promos must be handed out to players as prizes and cannot be sold for cash

We recommend that you run weekly tournaments, prizing:

  • 1 Hero winner foil to the 1st place finisher that week
  • Combo participation foils to every player
  • Playmat to the top overall player for the month

If you have any questions about ordering kits, reach out to us at Make sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Store name
  • Store location
  • How we can help you

We also have our own tournament software to help you run your in-store events. It can handle your sign-ups, your round pairings, and even send those pairings directly to your players via a mobile app! Be sure to register your store’s email account on and email us at to set-up an admin account that will let you post and host events!

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