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Retail events are the foundation of the Lightseekers community. We want to do everything we can to support local game stores running Lightseekers events. This section of the website gives you, the store owner, the information you need to run Lightseekers events for your community. For more information email Lightseekers retail support at

Store level


We recognize that each stores’ play community is unique. You, the retailer, are the expert on your community and its needs.

That is why we have designed an Organized Play program that gives you choices to tailor events to your community.



Is your community new to Lightseekers? If so you might want to schedule Learn to Play events using Intro Decks. Are your players more experienced TCG players but don’t have Lightseekers cards yet? Then your players might prefer Starter Deck events. Are your players getting ready for a major Lightseekers tournament at an upcoming convention? Then Constructed events are likely to be a popular choice.

You have the freedom to choose which events will best support your community. We will provide the support necessary to implement these choices.

To learn more about choosing types of play for your community, click here.



One of the most exciting elements of Lightseekers Organized Play is the integration of storyline outcomes into play experiences. Certain events will allow players, collectively and individually, to affect the ongoing story of the game and what cards are printed in upcoming expansions. This integration helps players to identify with the world of Lightseekers and see themselves as part of the narrative, making events more fun. This leads to larger player communities and a better experience for everyone.

Over time we will give stores participating in Lightseekers Organized Play a chance to hold storyline events in their store.



Store Level Organized Play kits help you create events for your community.

Organized Play Kits include:

  • Posters and instore advertising to help you promote your event
  • Prize support such as Rare cards and Promo cards
  • Other cool items for your store and community


Your first Lightseekers organized play kit will be free!
To order your first kit, ask a question or simply to find out more about joining the growing community of Lightseekers stores,
contact our customer service department at



For totally new players, it is recommended to host a learn to play event using either the Intro Decks or Starter Decks, in a 1v1 format.

These preconstructed decks are well-balanced, and suitable to pick up and start playing. Explaining & playing a first game in this way would typically last 20 minutes.

While both Intro and Starter Decks contain a pamphlet of rules, the 1v1 format is ideal if an established Lightseekers player can be a friendly opponent and help advise the new player of the mechanics of play as play proceeds. Both players playing “open handed” for a first game can be a neat way to discuss what cards would be good to play, and why. Learning from existing players is both a great way to learn, but an even better way to grow a community of regular players who play and collect together.


Intro packs contain one Storm and one Tech deck, and are ideal for younger players or those new to TCGs.

While covering many major aspects of the game, the cards in these decks are more straightforward – making learning the game easier and more fun.


The starter packs are a great choice for an experienced TCG player looking to learn Lightseekers. Each of the 6 different decks (one for each Order) has a different play-style to suit the player:

  • Astral – great for players who like to chain plays together
  • Dread – leans heavily on “damage over time” effects
  • Mountain – good for “jack-of-all-trades” players who want a balance of strong defence and sustained protection
  • Nature – a heal-centric deck, rewarding players who carefully tend to their buff cards
  • Storm – great for players who want to play cheap, powerful combos
  • Tech – for the aggressive player who wants to pack a bigger punch, and doesn’t mind putting themself in danger to do so



To run an event you need to pick a format and structure. Drilled down to the basics, a Lightseekers tournament is made up of a ‘Format’ and a ‘Structure’:

  • The Format can be Basic Constructed, Advanced Constructed or Limited.
  • The Structure determines how players are paired up and how a winner is decided. Examples include Single elimination and Swiss.

To find out more about Competitive formats click here.
To find out more about Tournament structures click here.



Lightseekers is launching an Visionary program to support you running events in your store.

You can find out more details as they are released here.



Now that you have decided to run Lightseekers in your store there are a few steps to creating an excellent experience.


  • Determine what formats of events you want to run. Your choices are Starter Deck, Booster Draft or Constructed.
  • Build out your schedule of events for the next 2-3 months. Having a schedule posted will enable players to see what’s planned and they will recognize your commitment to the game.
  • Decide who your Visionary will be for the event. The Visionary program is coming soon to support you.
  • Advertise!!! PlayFusion may be able to support promoting your event via social media. See our Guide for adding your events to the Lightseekers Website Event Finder!
  • Order your event support kit (details below) and make sure you have enough additional product to support your play community.

Day of the Event:

  • Introduce your Visionary to the players.
  • Start on time! Nothing is more frustrating than late events.
  • Announcements. Make sure your players know how the event is being run. Include prize information, round time, and play rules. Remember, this is a new game! Allow plenty of time for your players time to ask questions.
  • Run the event.
  • Don’t change the event mid-way through.
  • Award prizes from event kits and share in the stories of fun.

After the event:

  • Ask your community for feedback on the event.
  • Remind players to come back and play again. Promote additional upcoming play opportunities.
  • Encourage social media interaction to build your Lightseekers community.



Your first Lightseekers organized play kit will be free!
To order your first kit, ask a question or simply to find out more about joining the growing community of Lightseekers stores,
contact our customer service department at

To order Lightseekers cards:
In the UK you can order cards directly from us.
In the United States you can order cards directly from us, or from the following distributors:
Southern Hobby

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