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To make sure you are ready to make the most of Lightseekers on your Nintendo Switch, we recommend that you link your new Nintendo Switch Lightseekers account with a mobile Lightseekers account. By linking your accounts together you will be able to scan cards using your Mobile App, and these will be able to be used not only on your Mobile Device, but also on your Nintendo Switch!

Open the Lightseekers application on either your mobile device or your Nintendo Switch. When on the main menu screen, select the Options button in the top left corner of the application. Here you should see an option to Link Account. In the Link Account option, you will want to generate a code; this will log you out of your current application – do not log back in until the linking process has been completed, otherwise it will fail! Take this code, and then on the device you wish to link your code to select Link Account again, and enter the code into the textbox and select enter. You will be asked which account you would like to keep, the other account will be deleted completely!

Now you have linked your mobile application with your Nintendo Switch Application. You can scan cards using your mobile application and these will now be a part of your Nintendo Switch card collection. In addition to this all other items, currency and collectables will be shared across the two devices, except for your Premium Currency! Any premium currency will be locked onto the device you have purchased it on.

We have answered a lot of the frequently asked questions regarding the Switch release below, so please read on!


Asked Questions

What will I lose from my non-primary account?
Everything from your non-primary account will be lost. So that’s all cards, currency and levelling progress – so ensure you follow the steps above correctly and make sure you keep the right account.

What is shared between my two linked devices?
Everything is shared between your devices EXCEPT for premium currency, which will be locked to each platform. However, you can use this premium currency on one platform to purchase any of the items in the shop, this will then be on both linked platforms. Everything else from your coins, crystals, cards, playmats, card backs and ALL other items will carry across both of your linked devices.

How do I play Lightseekers on Nintendo Switch?
In order to recreate the exact gameplay that has made Lightseekers mobile a success, the Nintendo Switch version of Lightseekers is currently touchscreen only. This also means that it can only be played in undocked mode currently. We are looking to add controller and docked functionality in future updates, but this will require a lot of painstaking work to ensure that the quality of the experience is not affected. We will update you when we have more news!

Please note: Due to Lightseekers not being able to be played in docked mode, streaming the game through the in-built hardware will not be possible through conventional means. Sorry about that, and hopefully we can rectify this soon!

Can I use my Lightseekers RPG toys with the digital card game?
No, there will be no ability to use the physical or digital content of the Lightseekers RPG with the Lightseekers Card Game on Nintendo Switch.

When is the PC version being announced?
Now! It’s already out! Go get it! 

Do I need a Nintendo Switch Online account to play Lightseekers?
Not at all! Every mode of Lightseekers is completely free to play, and will not require Nintendo Switch Online to play any part of it.

If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered here, then please do let us know on our Lightseekers Discord, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter channels. Or alternatively get in contact with us at Good luck on your new Nintendo Switch venture Lightseekers!

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