General Carnage

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Recruits! Quit your yap and shut those traps, I’m going to give you a piece of advice and one day it might just save your scaly hides. Do not underestimate the umbron. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking; they look dumber than an electro hopper swinging from a tree. I’ve got news for you, it’s all an act.

For two years they’ve been crawling their way out of that rift, and for two years we’ve been putting ‘em right back in. At first it was easy, umbron pops its head out, we blow it off; but things are changing now, last week alone I lost five sentinels and it wasn’t just down to bad luck.

It was just another day in the scorch, we had a pack of them trapped outside Heroes’ Hold; four umbron, nothing that we couldn’t handle. Well I guess I got cocky because before you could say ‘bombling’ it was raining fire and scrap metal! Another group of ‘em had flanked us, a rookie error on our part.

We’d just gained the upper hand, and that’s when I saw him, the one they’re calling General Carnage! He was a mean looking critter, bigger than a behemoth, eyes glowing the same as the rift. He whipped what was left of those beasts into a frenzy. We managed to escape with minimal losses, next time though, we might not be so lucky. From one general to another, I have to respect him; he’s taken pebbles and built himself a boulder that could roll through Dune’s Edge and all the way to the Citadel.

Those creatures are the greatest threat we’ve ever faced, and with Carnage leading the charge, this isn’t going to be the war we expected.
Don’t underestimate the umbron.

General Cyrax
Mechaforce First Legion
First Recorded Encounter with General Carnage

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