Asked questions

QUESTION: What can I put in my deck?
ANSWER: You’ll need a Hero card and your deck to play. Your deck must contain 5 combo cards and 30 action cards. You are not allowed more than 1 of the same combo, and must not have more than 3 of the same action card.
QUESTION: How do I pay for a combo?
ANSWER: To pay for a combo card, you need to match the icons found at the top of the combo card to icons on other cards that you have in your hand. If you have another combo card with matching Element(s), you can use that to pay for any shared Elements on the combo card you wish to play. If you are playing a cross combo card, the icon at the top will likely be an Order icon. This simply means you can use any card in your hand that belongs to that Order as payment for that icon. Don’t forget to put the payment cards back in your deck!
QUESTION: What does the glowing Element(s) on my Hero card mean?
ANSWER: In the action phase, the glowing Element means you can play more than one action card of that Element with your available actions. If your Element isn’t glowing, you are restricted to playing one.
QUESTION: Can I use more than one Ability in a turn?
ANSWER: You cannot use more than one ability in a turn (unless a card effect specifies it).
QUESTION: How many buffs can I have in play at a time?
ANSWER: There is no limit to how many buffs you can have in play, and you can play multiple of the same type of card in the action phase of your turn if you wish (so Attack, Defend or Buff more than once per turn).
QUESTION: How do rotating buffs work?
ANSWER: At the start of the buff phase you rotate any buffs that have smooth corners on them (or clunky corners if they meet any conditions found on them). After you’ve rotated them all one step anti-clockwise, any lingering effects are then applied. So, for example if you have any damage reduction, or damage increasing effects, they become active now. Next, you handle any buffs that have expired – a buff expires to the discard pile if it has rotated to a corner that doesn’t exist, or made it all the way back to the start. Finally, you apply instant effects (simple examples include damage and healing). Don’t forget to check lingering effects in play (on you and other Heroes) at this point, as the instant effect might be increased/decreased as a result!
QUESTION: Can I draw cards with my actions?
ANSWER: At the end of your turn, you draw cards for any remaining actions you have. The only way to draw during your turn is if a card has granted card draw – some buffs, heroes and abilities provide this.
QUESTION: What happens if I die at the same time as someone else?
ANSWER: It depends on who is currently taking their turn. If you play a card that reduces both you and the other Hero to zero health, as it is your turn, you remain in the game until the card is completely played out. As a result, the other player is removed from the game, and you reap the rewards (other than healing as you cannot heal on 0 health).
QUESTION: I have a way to increase my damage done, does that mean any items I have equipped also do more damage?
ANSWER: No, items effects cannot be increased by anything, unless a card says otherwise.
QUESTION: If I draw cards from an ability such as from “Dolo the Mighty’s” or “Treanu’s” ability, am I able to use those cards in the same turn?
ANSWER: Using your first action on a card/ability that provides card draw puts that card in your hand, so you can play it with your second action.
QUESTION: How do multiple instances of damage reduction interact with each other?
ANSWER: It comes down to play order. Buffs are looked at in play order, so If Colossi Artifact is first in the list, it’ll reduce down to 4, then that remaining damage will fall onto any subsequent damage reduction. If the damage reduction was out in front of the Colossi Artifact it would reduce down, then be capped at 4 (if it was still above after the reduction). So Colossi Artifact | Mountain Fort[3] I am attacked for 5 damage. Colossi Artifact caps that damage to 4, then Mountain Fort reduces a further 3 and rotates for a result of 1 damage taken. OR Mountain Fort [3] | Colossi Artifact I am attacked for 5 damage. Mountain Fort reduces that by 3 and rotates. The value is now 2 (so not capped by Colossi Artifact) for a result of 2 damage taken.
QUESTION: If a card, such as ‘Shapeshifter’ has different results for different Elements and you draw a combo card with both, which effect applies?
ANSWER: Both will occur if both requirements are met.
QUESTION: I have a card which says you may remove a buff to increase the damage dealt, if the buff I remove already increases damage do I still get its benefit when the damage is applied?
ANSWER: No, you wouldn’t get the benefit as the card would no longer be in play when the damage is dealt.
QUESTION: Does Corrupt Wildlife’s action bonus only last that turn or is it permanent?
ANSWER: It only lasts that turn.
QUESTION: When a card states ‘attacked’ but it is not highlighted does that just mean ‘took damage from’?
ANSWER: It means you must have been hit by an Attack card or an Attack Ability. If you just took damage from a Buff or Defend card, that will not count.
QUESTION: If a card with a corner number get’s rotated BACK a step, does the number apply again or can it only apply once per game?
ANSWER: Each corner it passes over will apply its effect.
QUESTION: When an Action Card Buff that has a circle in the corners comes into play, does the effect trigger immediately if there is a number showing on the top left corner?
ANSWER: Yes, it does!
QUESTION: If I have a buff in play but I don’t have access to its Element, then what happens to the buff? Do I get to keep its effects?
ANSWER: No, the buff would stop applying its effect until you regain access to that Element (but it will still rotate, if applicable).
QUESTION: Sicario lets you move 2 buffs from your hand into play. Do you need access to the appropriate Element(s) or does the ability bypass that?
ANSWER: Cards moved into play from Sicario’s ability must be valid action buffs (see the errata), meaning he cannot move in buffs of an Element he does not have access to.
QUESTION: What happens when I have multiple damage reduction buffs in play?
ANSWER: When you take damage, go through your buffs, left to right, and reduce that damage every time you come across a buff that reduces damage received. Do so until the damage is 0 or you’ve gone through all your buffs.

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