Uprising Overview


Deep within the ruins hidden at the heart of Lushlost Forest, something ancient stirs. Long neglected relics of a world that stood before the dawn of the modern age, a time of spirits and gods. A time that in one catastrophic moment was brought to an end, or so it had seemed…

Drawn like moths to a flame, the idiotic yet war hungry kreebal flock unknowingly towards this ancient object, its unseen influence whipping the creatures into an uncontrollable maelstrom of hostility.

With the once forgotten ruins now reduced to a kreebal infested warzone, Lightseekers from every corner of the world rush to discover the secrets that lie below the ruinous temple.

Some seek glory and fortune, others desire to understand the very nature of their world, and a few look to seize power for their own selfish desires. Yet, in the shadows, something else hides. An unforeseen evil that has infiltrated every corner of the world and, if left unchecked, will cast all of Tantos into darkness.

Uprising is the brand new set for Lightseekers, featuring 202 new cards across all of the 6 Orders of Tantos! This new set places the focus on the kreebal, Tantos’ most enigmatic creatures, whom are seeking the ancient treasures scattered throughout Tantos. The kreebals in Uprising will be more ferocious and more cunning (well, as cunning as they can be). And with Uprising also comes cross-combos, allowing new cross order combos to be played to absolutely devastating effect! Use these cross-combos to turn to the tide of battle in Uprising, bringing new ways to use your cross order heroes in your decks. Also included are 57 cards from the core set that are coming back into legality again!

The Uprising Set Breakdown is as follows:

  • 76 Common cards
  • 75 Uncommon cards
  • 46 Rare cards
  • 5 Mythic cards

Be sure to keep an eye out on our Card Database, when all of the cards are revealed soon!

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