The Tides are Changing – Organized Play and Lightseekers Points

The Changing Tide

As the moons wax and wane across the skies of Tantos, the shifting seas surrounding the Shimmering Isles ascend and descend the banks. The Mari have long since been drawn to the waters of the world, and every year host a festival to celebrate the changing of the tide.. Now celebrate this time-honored Mari festival alongside the residents of the Shimmering Isles; from the 28th January, our next Organized Play series is here; The Changing Tide!  

And we can reveal one of the prizes that you can win at upcoming local events, The Changing Tide Playmat. You won’t want to miss this beautiful and elegant tribute to the Mari.

Lightseekers, be sure to keep a close eye on our store locator to find your nearest Lightseekers-equipped hobby stores. Then take a look at our event pages that are constantly filling up with new events, where will you witness The Changing Tide?

Lightseekers Points

Recently we announced that we will be recording Lightseekers points from all of the arduous battles that you have had from January 1st. You can now see our page dedicated to what Lightseekers Points are, how you can get them and what they are used for.

Find out about the range of exclusive digital rewards, the Tiered event system and learn how you can use your Lightseekers Points total to earn an invitation to our exclusive Player Invitational event, where we will fly and accommodate the greatest Lightseekers in the world to do battle with one another for incredible cash prizes and a chance to be immortalized in the following card set!

You can find out more about Lightseekers Points Here!

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