Event Types

Ways to

Play the tcg

There are many ways to play the Lightseekers TCG. For new and casual players, just grab your Starter Deck, and begin!
Once you’re more familiar with the game, you can start customizing your deck and trying some of the other formats of play.

1 v 1 constructed


Each player brings along 1 deck of their choice along with a sideboard. The sideboard allows each player to bring along an additional 10 cards. A sideboard can only consist of combo cards and Unaligned action cards.

After the first game of a match has been played, players are allowed to swap out cards between their deck and sideboard, without telling their opponent which cards (if any) are being swapped.

1 v 1 constructed


Each player brings 3 decks but no sideboard. The decks must be of different Orders. Each match, the players ban one of their opponent’s decks – deciding only from the hero (they may not look through the decks). In a Swiss or Single Elimination structure, decide randomly who bans first. In a knock-out stage, the greatest seed chooses who bans first. Whoever bans first also chooses whether or not they go first (it then alternates each game within a match).

After decks have been banned, the players secretly decide which deck to play first, revealing it to their opponent before the game begins. A player must win with both remaining decks to win the match; they can’t win twice with the same deck.



Similar to 1v1 Constructed, each player brings along 1 deck of their choice along with a sideboard. The same rules regarding the contents of the decks and sideboard apply here.

Cards can be swapped between the deck and sideboard after seating has been determined. Players are not obligated to tell their opponents which cards (if any) they swap out.



For a Starter Deck Tournament, each player is provided with a starter deck and three to five booster packs.

Before the tournament begins, they are given the opportunity to modify the starter deck with the cards provided from the booster packs, but no more modifications during the tournament.



In a Booster Draft, players create decks out of cards chosen from booster packs. Each player is given 5 booster packs. They all open one of their boosters, pick one card from it, and then pass the remaining cards to the person on their left. When all cards are picked, the process repeats for each booster pack, but the direction that the pack is sent in alternates.

Each player then builds a deck of 30 cards. There is no limit to how many of each card (even combos) can be in the deck. All heroes have basic access to all Elements, so there are no cards they can’t play. Two heroes can also be selected; a player’s starting health is the greatest of the two, and they get access to both traits and any superior Elements.

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